Discover and learn how ADDA Tech Systems Inc. is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Gold Certified partnership is the highest level given by Microsoft to its partners. It brings about the confidence Microsoft has in ADDA Tech System Inc’s expertise and knowledge in our respective field.

How ADDA Tech Systems Inc. achieved GOLD

There are certain requirements and procedures set in place by Microsoft, in order to qualify for GOLD.

A company must:

  • Join the Microsoft Partner Network.
  • Achieve excellence and competency in 5 areas:
    • Application Development
    • App Integration
    • Cloud Platform
    • DevOps
    • Datacenter
  • Four individuals within the company must pass exams and skill evaluations every year.
    •  Becoming MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers)
  • Meet certification requirements in these roles.
    • Developer
    • Administrator
    • Architect
    • Data Engineer
  • Meet sales requirements.
  • Earn 120 partner points,
  • Pay the annual fee.

What does it mean to be GOLD ?

There are many benefits to becoming a Microsoft GOLD partner. Apart from the elevated status, and highest level of trust bestowed upon ADDA Tech Systems Inc. benefits include exclusive access to Microsoft tools, training programs and support.

GOLD members are also given permission to provide Microsoft based services and products to their clients.

In achieving and maintaining GOLD status, ADDA Tech Systems Inc. has built a stellar and collaborative relationship with Microsoft.

We are committed to excellence and providing the highest level of customer care.