Clinicmaster is more than a clinic management solution. It is also a community of users, practitioners, clients, administrative specialists and business development experts, alongside colleges, associations and official organizations.

In fact, ADDATECH is the only clinic management software provider that has created a clientele-community of over 4000 practitioners (over 1000 clinics), who have been sharing their first-hand experience and knowledge in the field for more than 16 years with Clinicmaster developers and support experts.

ADDATECH is actively involved in the community, sharing in-depth knowledge and bolstering its growth through direct support and coaching for clients, and through countless webinars, conferences, group discussions, forums, online consulting, which it organizes on an ongoing basis.

Clinicmaster has been long recognized as the authority in management practices and regulations expertise for the professional community. ADDATECH is the only EMR solution provider that official associations and organizations consult regarding their own compliance with industry and governmental regulations and requirements.

This far-reaching synergy is at the heart of ADDATECH’s highly regarded leadership and reputation. The company is proactively involved in the evolution of knowledge and professional growth for the overall benefit of the community and public health.